Unleavened whole wheat bread. Vegan

Plain Naan


flaky bread

Butter Roti


Unleavened whole wheat bread with butter.

Butter Naan


Flaky bread coated with butter.

Garlic Naan


Bread flavoured with fresh garlic & basil.

Garlic Butter Naan


Bread flavoured with fresh garlic, basil & butter.

Lacha Parantha


Whole wheat flaky bread with butter.

Pudina Parantha


Whole wheat flaky bread, stuffed with fresh mint.

Kashmiri Naan


Bread stuffed with dried fruits.

Keema Naan


Bread stuffed with spiced minced lamb.

Palak Paneer Naan


Bread stuffed with paneer, cooked spinach & roasted spices.

Cheese Naan


Bread stuffed with cheese.