crisp patties stuffed with potato, spices.

Samosa Chaat


Crisp patties stuffed with potato, green peas served with chickpeas.

Cauliflower 65


Small florets coated with honey & chilli marination with sweet and tangy taste.

Veg Pakora


Seasonal vegetable dipped in chickpea batter crisp fried. Vegan & Gluten Free

Onion Bhajia


deep fried onion fritters.

Chicken 65


chicken coated with honey & chilli marination with sweet  and tangy taste.

Paneer Pakora


Homemade cottage cheese fritters coated with chickpea batter crisp fried.

Dahin Bhala


Homemade lentil fritters served with yogurt, tamarind and mint sauce.



Lightly battered squid served with mango chutney.

Curried Mussels


Mussel simmered in masala curry, garlic & white wine. Gluten Free

Veg. Platter


A mix of samosa, veg pakora, onion rings & paneer pakora.

Fish Pakora


Deep fried fish fritters.

Papdi Chaat


crisp papdi topped with potato yogurt, sweet tamarind & mint sauce. Served cold.

Chicken Wings


sweet chilli/bbq/hot…deep fried chicken wings. Choose from three different flavours.

Honey Potato


fried potato tossed in honey galic sauce.

Chicken Momo's Steam


chicken filled dumplings. Steamed

Tandooori Chaap


Soyabean chaps marinated with spices and cooked in clayoven.
Choose from three different flavours. KESARI / HARIYALI / MALAI. Gluten free